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Finding hidden gems

Working in marketing has its advantages - not only do I get to bring new clients into my customer businesses, but by helping my customers to consider what their business strengths are, they become more confident as business owners. Seeing their business grow and develop gives me a sense of pride. I can help businesses of all sizes to distill their hidden advantages in their markets and find ways to stand out from the crowd while keeping their own brand. Everyone wins when you can introduce people to their local businesses and strengthen the ties in the community. Read on to see what you can do market your business more efficiently.


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4 Essential Modern-Day Services That Can Help Maximize Your Business Income

If you're looking to succeed in business, it's absolutely essential to keep your marketing, sales and promotion techniques modern and up to date. You might be offering the best product or service out there right now, but it's no good if your marketing techniques are stuck in the stone age. You need to make sure that your business runs smoothly within the age of the internet, and listed below are four essential modern-day business services that can keep help keep your company up to date and competitive in what is an ever-changing business world. 

1. Social Media Management

Social media is now an integral aspect of modern life, and it's vital to ensure that you promote your company/business/product/service through social media platforms both correctly and efficiently. Through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In, you can keep potential clients and customers all over the world up to date with offers, ideas and promotions, and continue to constantly create new buzz around your business. 

But occasionally updating your Facebook status or sending out a tweet once a day won't get those customers and clients scrambling for your service. You need to know how to utilize social media effectively in order to create the sufficient interest that your business desires. By investing in a social media management service, such as KC Media , or consulting social media expertise sites and professionals, you can help channel your services/products to the right people, at the right times, in the right ways. 

2. Knowledge of SEO 

The internet has changed from what it once was. No longer will scattering your business' home webpage full of "keywords" push you to the top of the Google search results. Solid knowledge and understanding of search engine optimization - or SEO - is integral to the success of any business aiming to sell their product or service online in the modern business world.

Taking some sufficient time to get to grips with what SEO means and what it is all about can truly maximise your business income in the long run. Some of the larger, more successful businesses have staff whose sole purpose is to help maximise SEO and ensure that their business remains well-within the customer's reach when they conduct an internet search. 

There are tips and tricks to maximising SEO all over the net, but if your budget is big enough, it really is worth considering hiring a consultant, web developer, or SEO specialist to help you out in this department. Neglecting SEO will ultimately leave you well behind, as customers stumble across rival companies instead of yours. Just throwing in keywords here and there simply isn't enough these days.

3. Modern Business Cards

This is an opportunity to show your customer or client how professional and up-to-date in the business world you truly are. Some people foolishly dismiss the notion of business cards as being an archaic mode of promotion, but there remains a great appeal to holding something physical in what is otherwise an extremely digital business world. Everyone and anyone has room in their wallet or pocket for a business card, and it also has a slightly more personal touch to it than simply texting someone your details or e-mailing them a phone number. 

Business cards ought to be classy and informative without being intimidating. Don't overload them with too much color or information, but they still ought to be relatively bright and engaging. Always ensure to include your key contact information too. Good things to include are your telephone number, Skype address, Linked In account, mobile number, and company website. Squeezing a Twitter handle in there may be useful too. This shows that your business is up to date, has a personal touch, and most of all - extremely professional.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website

Your company will need a good-looking, professional website to help lure clients in. But whilst an expert site may look impressive, it'll be no use to anyone if it isn't user-friendly. Always make sure you get a friend or colleague to fiddle around on your website before you launch. You might be able to use it easily, but that may be due to the amount of time you've spent navigating and building it.  

Of course, making something user-friendly in this day and age also means making it mobile-friendly too. Not everyone will use a desktop or laptop PC when flicking through to your site, and if your domain can't be accessed on an iPad, mobile phone, or tablet, the potential client will simply look elsewhere instead. By making your website mobile-friendly - you open your domain up to every possible client and customer. It's an aspect that many business owners often forget to implement - so make sure you stay one step ahead by making sure your site can be accessed by anyone in the world on any kind of device.