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Finding hidden gems

Working in marketing has its advantages - not only do I get to bring new clients into my customer businesses, but by helping my customers to consider what their business strengths are, they become more confident as business owners. Seeing their business grow and develop gives me a sense of pride. I can help businesses of all sizes to distill their hidden advantages in their markets and find ways to stand out from the crowd while keeping their own brand. Everyone wins when you can introduce people to their local businesses and strengthen the ties in the community. Read on to see what you can do market your business more efficiently.


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Connect With Businesses Anywhere Through Directory Enquiries Services
1 December 2014

Long before the internet, directories served as in

Connect With Businesses Anywhere Through Directory Enquiries Services

Long before the internet, directories served as ingenious ways to locate people and businesses. In the advent of online search engines, directory enquiries services still prove themselves as useful as ever, if not more. Today, directories can help you connect with businesses even when you don't know where they are or what name they go by. Such is the magic that helps people connect with service providers. Read on to learn more.

Search for businesses in any location

If you're looking for a specific business in a certain location, directory enquiries can help you locate them. If you're just looking around to see what you'll find, directories can help you locate any establishment in a given area. If you're looking for, let's say a dentist, lawyer or cake shop, a directory will show you all applicable businesses within a given area under that category. This is helpful when you're not sure about directions or want to see what your options are. It'll help you save time and bring to light service providers you may not have known existed.

Search business contacts in any area

When you know the name of a business and need to get the contact information, a directory enquiry service can get you the information you need within seconds. You don't even have to know where the business is located or what they do. All you have to do is get the name of the business and enquire for corresponding contacts related to the business name. If you're not sure about the business, you can ask for all contacts of similar businesses and follow up with phone calls to confirm.

Get maps for your directory enquiries

Apart from just getting contact telephone numbers, directory enquiries services can also pinpoint where businesses are located so that you find them easily. They can issue you with address contacts or a detailed map of the business you're looking for. Such maps will be helpful if you're looking for a location you're not familiar with.

Get telephone codes and postcodes for any location

If you already have contact information of the businesses you want to contact, you can also seek dialing codes for specific locations. A directory enquiry service can issue you with codes for any location, locally and abroad. If you're planning to send packages or letters, you can also check or confirm postcodes to ensure your communication reaches the right destination.

To get any of this information, all you have to do is contact a directory enquiries services. You can do this by calling, texting or searching online.  Some services also offer social media enquiries through sites such as Facebook and Twitter or through mobile applications. For more information, contact a service such as KC Contact Centres.